High Praise to Sales Rep: James Davis

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Re: High praise for employee/salesman James Davis.

To Whom it May Concern:

Every few years James Davis rings our doorbell in attempting to sell us your Advantage 20X Multi-
Purpose Cleaner. We now recognize each other when I open the door. I appreciate his politeness and
attitude so very much and his star-winning salesmanship.

He said he lives in Detroit, Mf. I’m hoping that, if possible, this letter may prompt the company giving
him a nice bonus, or some means of showing appreciation that would mean something to him, by way
of admiration and appreciation for his courtesy and attitude, particularly since I give him a hard time
with lots of joking.

I also look forward to using this product more than ever before, based upon the on-the-spot sample
illustration he did on our dull door-knob, truck wheel and foggy head-light cover which was faded badly by

UV rays of the sun. .

James Davis of Detroit, MI is an employee worthy of high praise and a practical bonus or increase in
sales commission. My wife and I appreciate him greatly!




Bakersfield, CA 93313

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