About T&B Sales Inc


Advanage 20X Cleaner

4qtsJust about every popular cleaner on your grocers shelf contains caustic, even toxic chemicals Thus every week millions of tons of harmful chemicals are finding their

way into our streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water.

That’s why Advanage 20X are biodegradable, designed for unlimited applications, non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin Advanage 20X is safe around children and animals, meets 0SHA, USDA and EPA standards and is protected by PETA (Peopie for the Ethical Treatment of Animals )

In independent laboratory test, Advanage 20X surpassed the U.S. Government Standards for “ready biodegradability”. In another test for cleaning effectiveness, Advanage 20X scored 96% – far out performing the brand name retail cleaner which only scored 87%

Advanage 20X are Synthetic, Bio-degradable formulas that contain a synergistic blend of hyper-wetting agents, surfactants, dispersants and grease cutting agents with the mildness of hair shampoo! They are completely Non-toxic, Non-irritating  to the skin, and are free from ammonia and acids. They are gentle enough to wash your fine fabrics and strong enough to remove grease and grime from your driveway.



Our Mission

T & B Sales’ goals consist of the promotion of direct selling as an important profession, with good income opportunities and growth potential. As well as to help today’s youths. We aim to satisfy our customers with excellent service by providing the best multipurpose cleaner available. A cleaner that is also environmentally friendly.



Our History

T & B SALES was incorporated in 2000, as a distributor of Advanage 20X. Our headquarters are located in Riverdale, GA. T & B Sales is a member of the National Field Selling Association (NFSA), which regulates the dos and don’ts of the door-to-door sales business.



Our Green Commitment


All of us on this planet have been entrusted with the responsibility to make our air cleaner, our water pure, and our land better protected for our children and grandchildren.

As a manufacturer of all-purpose cleaners, we have a serious obligation to leave the world a safe and healthy place for future generations.






Employment Opportunities

T&B Sales Blog pageT&B Sales Inc. travels from coast to coast and state to state. We are always having fun in the sun. If you are 18 or older and looking for a career or just looking for a stepping stone until you figure out your destiny, give us an opportunity to teach you how to become that all American great looking, great talking, great walking, sales person.

Our training course includes sales meetings that teach you how to stay positive and self motivating.