ecoAdvanage 20X does not contain any harsh or hazardous chemicals  and is safe around children and animals.
labatoryEmulsion agents allow you to clean oil and grease instantly without leaving any residue on surfaces or utensils.
cleaningAdvanage 20X has proven to be effective in both home and in industrial applications.

Advanage 20X Cleaner

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Just about every popular cleaner on your grocers shelf contains caustic, even toxic chemicals. Thus, every week millions of tons of harmful chemicals are finding their way into our streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water.

That’s why Advanage 20X cleaners are biodegradable, designed for unlimited applications, non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin.  Advanage 20X is safe around children and animals, meets 0SHA, USDA and EPA standards and is protected by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals )


Advanage 20X meets OSHA,USDA and EPA safety standards,making it perfect for industrial applications as well.  Advanage 20X comes in four great renditions.


best-door-to-door-sales-manSince 2000, T&B SALES, Inc. has been serving residential and business customers with the finest multipurpose cleaner in the nation, Advanage 20X.  This non-toxic, biodegradable, all purpose concentrated cleaner is all natural, powerful and affordable and  will satisfy all your cleaning needs. When you purchase Advanage 20X from T&B Sales Inc you will receive a great product  at an excellent price. You’ll also receive knowledgeable and friendly customer support services.

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We just purchased the 20X cleaner and it works great. We own a dairy farm and believe me there is alot of things that need cleaned on a regular basis. We have tried lots of cleaners and this works where nothing else would. It works! I am not a buyer of door to door salesmen, but had it not been for the willingness to take it right out into the barn and show us multiple things it will clean I would not have purchased it! Great product and safe for everyone!

Ready to say good bye to those annoying stains? Purchase your Advanage 20X today!